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Gemeni Aircraft


Gemeni Aircraft is coming soon on facebook. The most probability it will come before Febuary.

Back Ground

A small planet in the depths of the universe has suffered an unprecedented attack. At the moment when the whole planet was born and died, Rossi was entrusted with the task of going to the Star Alliance for support. However, there were various obstacles and surprises along the way, and Rossi was busy driving. The fighter plane is busy using the enemy's weapons to continue. The elders warned Rossi that everything has two sides. They are both unified and antagonistic and can interact.

Game Intruduction

How to Play Gemeni Aircraft Picture 1 tells you how to move the Aircraft. Picture 2 tells you click this Icon will turn your aircraft from light aircraft to dark or from dark to light. Light aircraft attack Dark enemy cost half damage. So change aircraft on time is useful. Picture 3 and 4 tell you light aircraft cannot get damage from light bullet, and it will absorb the bullet to aircraft power. Same reason to dark aircraft. Picture 5 tells you when when your aircraft absorb enough bullet, the bullet power state turn full, your aircraft will enter violent state.